Building even more learning power!

Building Learning Power (BLP) is now firmly embedded into the learning ethos of Goffs School. Since its introduction three years ago all Goffs teaching staff have received extensive training on how to build students learning power and increase their academic performance. Moreover, all our new staff have already received an induction to the ideas behind BLP and Sarah Cowen (Head of Performing Arts) has started up an influential staff group of BLP champions from different departments within the school. If you would like to know what BLP is in more detail, please watch the news report below!

All parents of Year 7 students have received by now a ‘Parental Guide’ on how to learn and support your child.  Within this, you will have seen the information on Building Learning Power.  Last year we also produced a four part assessment guide for parents and this is now available within the parental home learning booklets. A reminder of the four areas we assess are:

* Positive Focus Learning Power (Resilience)

* Smart Thinking Learning Power (Resourcefulness)

* Thoughtfulness  Learning Power (Reflectiveness)

* Team Work Learning Power (Reciprocity)

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